In the strange paper world, that’s far from the ground…

It’s about a girl who is passionate, beautiful, adventurous, full of positivity and hope, who wants to live every phase of life no matter how hard it is but people always tried to break her soul, her dreams. The more they break her, the more she grow stronger towards life.
Embracing those goodbyes

In the world full of OTHELLO and RODERIGO, she is a DESDEMONA, Beautiful, Smart, Fearless, Bold, full of Love and Confidence.

A book in her hand, as she casually reads, a catch in her breath as the climax grows near.

For her world is deaf now, all she can hear is only the book, she is completely lost.

She undoubtedly possess the characteristics of a Goodness, Kindness, loyalty and above all the Purity.

What all she lacks is Worldly Wisdom, she never stood for herself, allows everything happened to her without an institution of struggle.

But now DESDEMONA in her is enough strong and educated to break the societal confines of passivity for women.

Enough of putting her down, breaking her soul, playing with her heart, damaging her nerves…Enough, no more.

She is growing like a wind, now she knows who is she, she knows about the power of self confidence, believe , inner strength .

She knows that she must stick to the fight when she is hardest hit by the selfish people, it’s when things go wrong that she must not quit.

She know that one day people hope for her, they will get inspire by her, they can be better because of her.

She learned that she needs to love herself enough so that any other love just add more candles to the cake she have already iced, not like DESDEMONA who loved OTHELLO more than anything and he is the one who took away her life because of lacking trust.


  1. Dear Ritika,
    I could feel your pain in this writing. Who among us has not had a broken heart? This year, (I am 77 years old) my heart has been healed and I give thanks to God for it. I wrote about “good-byes” in my allegory “Yada’s Door” on and hope you’ll be blessed by reading it. I have been stirred by your transparency and authenticity in all your writings. – It’s life in a day when mask wearing is prevalent literally and figuratively. God bless you Ritika. You are a gift to us. ❤️Michele

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    1. Thank you so much Michele for this beautiful compliment. I read the blog written by you “Yada’s Door”, I am touched with your artistic piece of writing. It’s my pleasure and honour to read it. I agree with you once in life most of us suffered from broken heart phase sometime it take quick to heal and sometimes it take almost whole life. But one day we all overcome somehow. I am blessed to have such a gem like you in my writing and blogging life. God bless you too Michele 🥰


      1. God doesn’t have favorites, He blesses His children equally. You and I get same blessings from our Heavenly Father. Scripture says He let’s the sun shine down on the righteous and the wicked.same as rain fall. No human being goes without a blessing from our God.

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