Darkness full of light…

One night I was standing over on the northern part of mountain while travelling over on hills from past few weeks. It was a beautiful night, a night full of stars, sparkles and light. The moon light was so bright seems like a day not night. Sweet breeze was blowing in a rhyme and the river waves hitting like a drum base to the mountain. A sweet melody is echoing loudly in the whole environment, an environment full of calmness, peacefulness.
It was a perfect night. Whenever breeze was playing with my hair and tickle my face, It reminds me the presence of him. Whenever I get goosebumps, it reminds me the gentle touch of him. Whenever I was trying to count the stars in the crystal clear sky, it reminds me of his laugh, the way he laughed over on my silly activities. Whenever I tried to lock my both arms tightly because of cold breeze, I feel him behind my back holding me tightly in his arms to keep me warm. When I turned around to see him he was not there, it was his good memories whom I carry everywhere wherever I go.
The shine of moon and the brightness of stars was fading slowly and breeze was turning into cold bone piercing wind. The melodious sound of river was turning into the sound of mourning of a girl. Every thing from the beauty is turning into beast infront of my eyes but the Polaris star in the north is still sparkling brightly like a ray of hope in this horrific gathering. I died thousand times every single day just to love him. But he is no more.
I always carry us together in my heart everywhere, all good times, all good memories just to live with him thousand times every single day now.
No more mourning, no more tears only smile like Polaris star in the north.

In everyone’s life once this kind of turning point not only related to love, it can be related to anyone like family, friends must come across from where we turn our life to the different path. Few choose change for good but few choose change to shut themself and create walls around them just to break all the ties from the world. It’s okay to choose to be silent but not good. How long you will going to live like that. Always remember we have one beautiful life. We have to live all good times in this life only. We have only this life to give wings to all our dreams. It okay, take a break from world, build walls around yourself like I did but when I came back to my senses, I learned that I wasted all those years in mourning, crying, cutting my presence from the world. I lost my identity. Nobody remembered me except my family. “Why I was stucked in my past”, I questioned to myself. What is done is done. It’s over rise and live with that pain but in different way. Remember only good times and good things.

Go ahead and fly with your dreams. Never cut the wings of your dreams. You are born to be yourself, born to be Happy, born to be love.

Make your own path in between the Forest of thorns. You have your swrod inside in you only “your self confidence and your beautiful heart”. Take your time but always believe in yourself. You are your own creater and destroyer.

Choose wisely because you can become a shining moon who provide sparkle to the stars and life to the night rather than being a eclipse moon.


  1. Your words express the seasons of love. There should be no shame or regret when we long for the warmth and comfort that we rightfully deserve. Healing is a process that allows us to banish regret. It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

    When I wrote this poem, I had fallen deeply into the abyss of love, only to experience the painful frostbite from the icy winds of a love no more, many years later.

    Seasons of Love

    Summer breezes quietly mesmerizing
    lovers in the coolness of the twilight
    creating the stage for romantic moments and a reflection of time when love was splendid

    Winter winds carrying the chill of emptiness harshly emphasizing the existence of a lover overlooking the horizon only to find a vast sea of solitude

    Canciones de Amor Copyright 2009
    Sonya Johnson Ruiz

    When we are in the season of solitude, we can find happiness in knowing that our Creator will always love us unconditionally. God took the shattered pieces of my heart and made me whole again. I am ready to be in love again…and that healing only comes from Divine intervention.

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely compliment and sharing your beautiful words and thoughts here. It’s an honour for me. Your writing is full of feelings and love. God bless you always.
      Merci beaucoup 💫💫

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  2. Beautifully written. It’s like you were inside my head and my heart. Stay strong. God knows our pain and loss. He fills the empty time and space for me now. Life has gone on after I lost my husband. Life is short and we only get one chance to live and make a difference in this world. If you ask, God will use you and give you peace. Blessings, Victoria

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  3. This writing’s warmth and beautiful descriptions were so touching Ritika. Your gentleness and tenderness of heart is so apparent and make all your posts endearing. I am so thankful for you and the words that come from the One you love in you.

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  4. Thank you young one for your insightful and poignant portrayal of life and the way to get the most from the tiny space we have on this planet. As usual mirroring my life with breathtaking accuracy and stunning descriptions. Take care and keep your head up.

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  5. Thank you for your recent like on my blog. I really enjoyed reading this installment of yours as well. Isn’t it nice to be able to see and appreciate God’s handiwork? He gives us so many ways to appreciate His love and beauty all around us if we just stop and smell the roses every once and awhile. Thank you for the reminder.

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  6. Felt this so absolutely deep in my bones, beautiful about the rage in love, the tenderness of mourning and the rise of recover and rediscovery if self. I have felt this in my own life and am happy to have seen your page. Cheers, lots of love. Keep shining

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    1. Thank you so much dear lysh for such a heartwarming compliment. It means a lot to me and I am grateful that you like it so much. I tried to portrayed myself in this through what I went and your compliment made my efforts successful. God bless you my dear with lots of love and beautiful 2021♥️🦋

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