A baby cat got stucked last night in my balcony. I was sleeping peacefully and didn’t noticed the soft cries of baby cat. When I took a right turn over on my bed which face towards balcony, I noticed some noise. In my balcony I planted various kind of herbal plants. I love greenery, it give me positive vibes and I am deeply connected to nature.

I turned on my room lights immediately. I got little scared because it was around 2:30 a.m. in the morning and the strange sound now becoming more louder and intense. Somehow I gathered courage to find what is actually going on. I started peeking from my room’s knitted door which opens to balcony. But I was unable to see anything. Everything was blur. I turned on balcony lights too, to see things clearly. I found that one of the plant leaves were shaking continously and rest other plants are in deep silent. No wind, no breeze then how ? Suddenly I heard a soft cries. I discovered that some kind of animal got stucked in between plant leaves. But still I was scared what kind of animal? On the other corner of balcony I saw Mama cat, who was also crying or may be calling to this baby cat. I finally understood the whole senario. I open balcony gate and went near to that plant, I found a cute, tiny, scared baby cat got tangled in between plant leaves. Mama cat can’t come to rescue little baby because she was holding other two babies and they were crying too. They all seems a week older babies. Mama cat was in deep dilemma. She can’t leave other two and neither this one. So she was standing on the opposite balcony watching this tangled baby cat continuously with other two babies. I can see her helplessness and her teary eyes, a most toughest situation for her. May be she was praying continuously to God for her baby’s safety after all she is a mother. A Mother can’t be describe in words. When Mama cat saw me she started crying more louder seems like calling me for help. I assured her with few hand signs that I will save her baby. I tried to remove tangled leaves but baby cat skin was so delicate that I was scared maybe my nails would hurt his body. I call my sister, she came out shouting and squeezing her eyes in the middle of night. I told her everything and asked her to bring my gloves. Her eyes got wide open, she ran inside the room and bring my gloves. I put them on and my sister is also helping me to remove the leaves from side. Baby cat was not cooperating because he was too much scared and waiting for his Mama to come and rescue him. After half and hour finally we managed to calm down baby cat a little and Mama cat in her voice maybe sending message to this baby cat to cooperate. I tried to steal baby cat’s focus towards me meanwhile my sister removed the tangled leaves and baby cat jumped from that little pot to the ground and hide himself behind the pot.
Now the real struggle started for me and my sister. We struggled till an hour to console baby cat that we are helping him not harming him. Finally he got console. I lift him up gently and put him over on the balcony slab. Baby cat wasn’t walking. We are thinking how to shift him to the opposite balcony. The area where my apartment is quite, family area. Everybody were sleeping in a deep silent it’s more than 3:30 a.m., we are tired too. Opposite balconies are facing each other and the gap between two opposite balconies is not much. I brought my grocery bag and put baby cat in it and tied it with a long stick. I slowly started moving that stick to opposite balcony and finally we got successful to reunite baby cat with his family. Mama cat was continuously licking him and may be she was trying say thank you to us with her teary eyes watching us.
It was a big relief though we are totally tired but still happy.

Mother and Father both are equally important in everyone’s life. They can do anything, they sacrifice there lives, happiness, dreams only for our happy faces. They hide there pain, sufferings behind fake smile so that we can smile. They sacrifice there today for our beautiful tomorrow, for our better life. Always respect them, asked to those poor people who lost their parents and how they are living. We can’t share pain, they knows how difficult life is without parents. If father is a pillar than mother is a base. Without pillar and base life is like a hanging lifeless branch. No love in this world can be compared with parents love. But I would like to dedicate this blog to the most beautiful creation of God on this Earth, who give birth to life and nuture it her whole life with love and care which can’t be measured “MOTHER”. When everyone leave you mother’s love will always there to bless you, to protect you. As I told earlier I can’t describe “MOTHER” in words. For me she is my God on this Earth after Almighty, she is my strength, she is my source of confidence. She is my most precious earning in this life. Rest Mama cat’s character and this true incidence says all. I pray to lord to bless everyone with the love of parents.


  1. Psalm 103:13
    Just as a father has compassion on his children, So the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him.

    Psalm 91:4 He will cover you with His pinions, And under His wings you may seek refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Martha for your beautiful compliment and encouragement. We adopted one of the baby cat who got severely injured and this picture is his after this rescue incidence the whole cat family started visiting to us occasionally and we started feeding them. God bless you 🌟😊


    1. Thank you so much dear friend Gerry. Yeah after that day the whole cat family started visiting to us occasionally and we started feeding them and we adopted one of them, who got injured and this picture is his.♥️🌟


  2. I so got that. Pillar and foundation. Who ever sees the foundation? But without it the pillar would fall. A beautiful story where I was waiting for the moral while enjoying the story…Lovely❤

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  3. A lovely story. I liked the analogy of father being a pillar and mother the base. I am one of six ‘children’ (all grown now), and the pillar and base picture sums up perfectly our family’s strength. Mum and Dad have passed now but that same solid foundation endures.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Steve for your beautiful compliment. I respect and very much grateful that you shared your beautiful bond with your family here in words and justified my statement too. May God bless you and your family with abundance always.🌟🌟


  4. Such a beautiful story of maternal instincts and motherly love. Relationships between parents and children aren’t easy but our parents always watch over us and want what’s best for us, much like the mother cat in your story. Sometimes we don’t see it but it’s always there. Wonderful story, Ritika! Blessings on you!

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    1. Thank you so much dear Nancy for encouragement, blessings and beautiful compliment. I totally agree with your thought and respect it a lot. You are absolutely right. God bless you 🌟🌟


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