When your commitment is deeper than sea.
And your ambition is taller than the mountains.

This poem is about a shield and the blade, who protects each other in every battlefield, whereas they play a role of rivalries too towards opposite parties. Without each other they are incomplete like mountain without peak. In this I tried to portray man as a shield whereas a woman is playing a role of blade…will I be able to present it the way I thought of it?
Thinking of what is precious to chase called love

He is a Shield, hard, tough, can bear any pain, any wound, no one can break him easily, he is mend to protect, to protect his woman, to protect his love from the attack in battlefield of life.

She is fierce, a blade whose blaze taking away the vision of the rivalries with her glimpse in the battlefield of life, ready to sacrifice herself for her man, her love.

He is stiff while protecting her, she is sharp holding every attack with her pointing edge, they both were fighting for each other, for there love from there own kinds.

They are tired but the determination is strong, they are falling in front of each other but life and love inside in there heart is still alive, they are lacking visions but the ray of hope is all they can still see.

They rise once again for there love and fought till the end, battle of life is over now, they are together lying on the same ground watching each other, feeling each other’s breathe and heartbeats.

They are happy, they won the battle and stayed strong till the end together. He the shield is covered with rust now and She the blade is broken from the side.

They are smiling and closed there eyes, they want to take rest as the battle is over and there love stays strong till last.

A shield and the blade, I wonder how deeply they loved each other but never expressed all they did protecting and saving each in every battle which life planned for them .


    1. Thank you so much for beautiful compliment full of blessings Michele. I am blessed that my writing makes you happy. God bless you always with more and more❤️❤️ lots of love.


  1. Wow. I loved this. I especially liked that you did not go with the “traditional” symbolism of man as sword (long, pointy object :-). I love woman as the sword and man as the shield and the combination of working together and yet, very different. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Jane for you wonderful compliment. I am glad that you like my effort to portray love in different form and figure. Keep encouraging me like that. God bless you.💛


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