When pain brings you down, don’t be silly, don’t close your eyes and cry, you just might be in the best position to see the sun shine.

Having a cup of coffee in a bright sunny day was a good idea after a long lasting monsoon season. Sun was shining really bright, beautiful, looks like a huge crystal ball, full of freshness, with a scent of nature. I closed my eyes to feel the scented breeze. I was enjoying my nature’s imaginary ride all of sudden my ride took a turn and hit the past. I tried to open my eyes but it seems like someone put glue in between my eyelashes. I am not be able to open my eyes and all buried memories are getting their life back in my imaginary ride. Few were beautiful but few were full of trauma. My ride took a pause on one turn and that turn was a chapter how I lost myself in past. I didn’t cry this time vice versa I laughed.

I remember how stupid I was but that phase was necessary for me because all those years I always underestimated myself, I was living for someone else not for myself. I never loved and praised myself. I always thought if my man love me what else I need, so I accepted his Identity as mine. Ritika was just a name. This made me worthless in the eyes of others. I had no dreams, no desires, he was the only priority. But when this illusion broke I found myself into pieces from inside, my heart got frozen, I was lifeless. It was like I lost myself. But I remember one thing told by my mother that “SUN WILL ALWAYS SHINE BRIGHT” means everyday is a new day, every morning present something fresh to us. All we need to see it. The glue of past over on my eyelashes becoming weak now and I opened my eyes. There is only brightness, sparkle, sun rays making me glow more by falling over on my chubby cheeks. I was smiling, butterflies wrapped my coffee mug. I finished coffee and looked around myself things are really beautiful and the most beautiful thing is me living my own identity. That’s the most precious part inside in me which I finally found. Late but totally worth.

Through this I want to convey that don’t run behind someone who never cares for you. Don’t ever go back to toxic people neither give them chance again in your life because giving them another chance means providing second bullet when they missed the first one to ripped out your heart from your body. I am not saying all are same, I know few people truly change but it’s hard to believe. So never break anyone’s trust who is trusting you like trusting over on own. If you can’t keep someones trust never show them fake dreams because when it breaks, it hurts that you can’t even imagine through what other person is going on. Sometime it cost a life “the universal precious thing” on this earth created by GOD. Few are strong, they recover but few are not.

If you are losing something you will definitely get better same as if you are getting something you have to lose something. There is a cycle in life which always going on GIVE AND TAKE. Give your love, blessings and time to the people around you. Hating someone is natural but don’t hate someone too much that it turn you in totally a negative one. Must try to steal a life from one beautiful moment by living it wholeheartedly with your dear ones. IN THE END “LIFE IS NOTHING IT IS JUST A STORY OF YOUR AND MINE “ JUST LIKE “SUN WILL ALWAYS SHINE BRIGHT.”


    1. Thank you so much dear Preeti for your lovely compliment. Yes I too agree, it’s a true incident of my life. You have many more beautiful things to do in life those who are going let them go. God bless you you♥️

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  1. Wow! You reached another level with this one young lady! Your skill is developing at a similar rate to your imagination! I look forward to more and seeing your name in lights one day❤

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    1. Thank you so much Mr. Brian for your encouraging and lovely compliment. I would always love to present best of me in front of you all through my words in future definitely. God bless you.♥️♥️

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  2. Ritika, your words are very wise and meaningful. We all hurt or suffer in one way or another, whether it be physical pain from an injury or emotional pain from an abusive relationship. I feel sorry for people who are in a toxic relationship; through no fault of their own they fell into it, trusting and believing in someone who did not deserve their trust. Peace, love, kindness and understanding are the true way to find happiness, as you so beautifully expressed in your story. Peace be with you.

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  3. Hi Ritika. This is my first time commenting on one of your blogs. So sorry to read that you allowed other to validate you. This caused you to become skeptical of others. Always put your trust in God. Pray and ask him to validate you by pointing out to you areas in your life that need more and more of Jesus’ character. Let me know how things are going. By the way, thanks for reading my latest blog.

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    1. Don’t be sorry dear. Everybody have there own unique way to see the things. I appreciate your thought a lot. Almighty is everywhere. He is inside in my heart too.
      Your blog is beautiful, keep writing and growing more. God bless you 🌟

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