Today I saw a falcon, flying up above in the sky. I hardly manage to focus my eyes over on him. He was enjoying and totally lost in his own ride. For him only sky is all what matters. His attitude was reflecting in his broad wings, he was trying to convey to other birds that he is a king of sky. Yes he seems like Zeus. He was full of power and enthusiasm. I found myself broken in front of him. I was trying to relate myself with him. Suddenly I found that Athena inside in me rising strongly, she was a daughter of Zeus and Goddess of war. She was so strong, she was fighting with my inner darkness stiffly. I can feel the war going on inside in me between the broken feelings and hope. I started feeling myself full of new energies, strength. My damaged veins started flowing. My heart was beating in the rhyme of lub dub beautifully. The wheel of mind is rust free now. I found the real truth that I was not broken, people put those broken thoughts in my mind that I am worthless.

I did nothing, I simply erased them from my life silently. Peace, love, harmony and faith is all matters to me now. Finally I found myself back.


      1. You’re welcome. Keep doing it every day. I see what you see and should write it down but it just comes and goes in a breath…one day.

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  1. Dear Ritika,

    If you would kindly tell me how it is you found my blog I would appreciate it so much. I had not intended for it to go public as it I am still in the process of getting it ready. I have temporarily blocked access to it.

    You are such a beautiful and gifted person. Bless you, Michele

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    1. Dear Michele

      I am overwhelmed by your beautiful compliment, it made my day. I found your blog beautiful, looking forward to read more. For me every piece of writing is precious whether it’s written by you or other bloggers because we invest our time, our thinking, we give priority to it. So trust me for me it’s really precious.
      Two months ago I was also a learner, and I am still a learner, we all are learner. Every day I learn something new and try to put it into my words to present in front of my blogger family. You are a precious soul, keep writing, have faith in yourself, always stay positive. You will achieve soon what you want. God bless you with all sources which you want to put in your writing. Keep writing and growing. I am always here to help you. I am blessed to have you all, who support me, encourag me this much.


  2. Beautifully prosed!
    “… I simply erased them from my life silently. Peace, love, harmony and faith is all matters to me now. Finally I found myself back.”
    And so it should be for all of us. It doesn’t matter what people call/label you, what matters most is what you call yourself. Once one starts accepting the label, one has inadvertently agreed to the label and it becomes harder to shed off!

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