Darkness full of hope all you need to find a way to see it and feel it.

Today the sky was dark. It was getting more darker with every passing second. I was standing on the shore with Violin. A hungry wind was roaring, screaming ,trying to scare me. Ocean tides were touching my feet aggressively and throwing water over on me like it was raining from the ground mercilessly. Everything was deep dark now. I can hardly differentiate between sky and ground. It seems like they merge together and became one. They wanted to make my soul weak, they just wanted to break my self esteem into pieces. But they found them self failing in it and this making them more angry because I was still standing firm with hope and strong belief in me and that one universal power who created all of us. I was smiling and started playing Violin. My hair was dancing on my face with the force of wind over on the tune. This making Sky and Earth conspiracy weaker together which they plotted against me. The whole environment is enjoying and dancing with my hair. Waves are calm and wind were turning into sweet breeze. Earth is calm now but Sky is still firm. Firm like me, competition is still on from his side. But for me it was not a competition, it was happiness, happiness which I was feeling while playing Violin and wanted that Sky must feel the same. I was playing continuously because I know that dark clouds will not going to last long. Few minutes later I found a ray of bright light was sneaking in between the dark clouds. They were falling towards the tune which I was playing but they were lacking to enjoy it properly because of the firmness of dark clouds. Few moments later I saw something up above in the sky and it made my smile more brighter. Sky was almost clear full of light. A falcon was coming like a warrior with brighter clouds whom they chooses as a leader on there behalf against darker one by torning black clouds into pieces with his broad, tough wings. Finally darkness got convinced to leave the environment. The tune of happiness and self believe made Sky to accept the fact that in darkness there is always a hidden brightness. At last melody, hope and light was floating all around.

Hope lies everywhere, it just you need to see it through your self belief and strength of not giving up until you find that one ray of hope and light in between the deep darkness. Nothing last long neither brighter phase nor darker one. But there is hope floating everywhere. All you need to believe in yourself. You deserve not better but best. You are born to shine. Make it true with your inner light, it will always guide you the best.


  1. Dear precious one,
    Your writing is like poetry….. very, very beautiful!. Your descriptive power is so glorious, it caused me to want to blend an harmonious sound to make melody with you and triumph against the powers that assail us.
    God bless you with continued strength and expression of grace and beauty.

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    1. Thank you so much for your abundance love and blessings Michele. Your compliment means a lot. It always fills me with more positive vibes and encouragement. God bless you and lots of love💛


  2. You have a way with words that bring a wonderful vision of mind. Thank you for you like on my post as well: “Our God is Our Sufficiency, or Our Sufficiency is Our God.” I hope I can inspire you to see God’s inner greatness within you more and more. Your words are very powerful and filled with feeling.

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    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful compliment. Yes every piece of writing inspire me because everybody have there own unique way and of course your’s one of them too. God bless you.


  3. Your stories are always so engaging. They are descriptive and brimming with emotion. I enjoyed this one very much, Ritika, and look forward to your next one.

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  4. I really enjoyed this, you write this so well!! Your message is so true in that hope lies everywhere, you just need to believe it is there! I look forward to reading more blogs from you!

    Feel free to read my blogs 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful compliment. It means a lot. Sure you will read soon my few upcoming pieces of writing. It’s going to be my pleasure to read your blog .😊


  5. Hi Ritika! You use a lot of feeling in your prose and grasp at the emotions with claws. It’s very expressive. Being an editor, I noticed you could use some fixing of tenses and conjugation. I am also an author and I know how it sucks to hear stuff like that. But I’d be happy to help you out, if you wish. I also blog about writing, editing, publishing and marketing every week. Feel free to check it out. I’m not trying to sell you anything, I already edit for a publishing house, but I think you have the basis for some really expressive writing–you just need some tweaking. I normally don’t offer my help, but I like where you’re going.

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    1. Hi good evening Jenn
      I am glad that you like my writing work. And I am feeling really blessed that you offered me to help. It’s an honor for me. Thank you so much. I am really happy and definitely I will be in touch with you. God bless you always.


  6. Ritika, thanks for your “like” on my post, I greatly appreciate the vote of confidence. I know I enjoyed your’s. Please feel free to read my earlier blogs because I do follow a pattern of study. Also, share my link with others if you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit. Again, thanks and May God shelter you under His wings. Psalms 91:4

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    1. You writing is beautiful. Keep writing and always believe in yourself. You are doing great my dear. Sure it will be my pleasure to read your more blogs and definitely I will try to do my best to encourage you for more. May God always bless you♥️


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