There was a snail, very small, confused one. She always lived in dilemma and underestimated herself in her group. This snail was full of qualities and new ideas but scared to share it with anyone because of getting humiliate or treated like joker. She always kept quite. When she was grown up in a beautiful one, she moved to the city to experience new life. Though this society is full of bigger snails who only moves slowly but they are not slow in any other part of life. They all work hard day and night for peaceful and wonderful life.
Her eyes sparkled seeing this new community of snails. She started working over on her qualities and talent. Here her talent was praised by many others. Her confidence was boosting and increasing everyday to make herself better than today. She was happy that finally here everyone recognize her with her talent rather then she belongs to the snail community like in her hometown. Still she wanted to discover many different fields of her interest. She tried to seek help from others but they said “how much you wants to achieve it’s enough for you” because of jealousy factor, it reflect on there faces. She became sad and started working like other snails, living in her own shell. She wished to write, to write her heart out, her dreams, to write for others, to motivate other through her words but she didn’t know how?
She started writing on small platforms but there her work was just a piece of thought and nothing else. She wants to write on bigger platform but no one supported her, most of her friends made fun by commenting that “after achieving so many things now she wants to be a writer, what a waste of time”. She kept on working that one day may be some one surely going to help her. And God answered her patience. There was a snail belong to the writing community came across to her work and offered her to write on WordPress. For her WordPress was totally a new platform. In the starting it was difficult for her but slowly she learned everything. And now she is statisfied, void in her life in the field of achievements is filled. Now people recognize this snail with her work. Yeah she was slow in achieving her dreams but finally she is turning them into reality.
She is no more that little snail who was scared to show her qualities and talents she is all grown up now, focusing upon her dreams, work and karma.

Here snail represents me. I am dedicating this blog to my blogger family because of you all and your blessings I am able to prove myself in the field of writing. It was my all time dream to write but I lacked confidence. But when I received unlimited and unconditional love from all of you I gain confidence and strength to write and to discover me more. Thank you for your love and support. It’s a small word I know but all I can offer you all is my love, blessings and unlimited help. You all made me the “Writer Ritika”. You all are my second family and very precious to me. Always be with me because of you all I am growing but still learning. You all are my writing strength. Love you so much my blogger family. Thank you for pushing me out of the shell so that I can address how vast this world to write. God bless you all.


    1. Absolutely I want to write more in this dedicated letter but at the end I tried to make it short so that it become easier and not boaring while reading. I am glad that I got connected with such a helpful person like you. I will surely seek your help in my upcoming days of writing. Thank you once again for such a beautiful consideration. It means a lot😊😊🌟


      1. Thank you once again. We both are blessed as I too connected with you, learning and progressing😊 sure will soon work together after my exams. I am grateful for your offer of work🌟🌟


  1. I Knew this blogs was about you, within several lines, you brighten up my day and your honest and friendly kinds way. Keep up the good writings. Let the Lord Spirit shine in your walk of life, and the peace of God in your heart God bless .

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    1. Thank you my dearest friend Sam for your unconditional love and support always. Let’s do our work and at the end Almighty definitely reward us for our karma. You always fill my heart with positivity. God bless you Sam.🌟🌟


  2. First, Ritika, let me say your graphic for this story is epic! You could not have chosen a better image. Your tale reminds us to always follow our heart, regardless of what other people say or think. That’s their problem, not ours. If you have a dream, stick with it despite what the “critics” say; usually they are jealous or unhappy in their own lives. I can empathize with you. Building a following on WordPress is not as easy as one might think. I’m still waiting for my following to increase. It’s slow going but that will not deter me from writing and posting new stories as often as I can. Good luck and God’s blessings to you always. Good work!

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  3. Congratulations Ritika for becoming a wonderful writer. I enjoy reading your posts. You are so humble. You are thanking everyone. I would like to thank you for sharing this beautiful post. Keep writing & reading our posts too. Lots of love dear

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much dear Preeti for your unconditional love and encouragement. Your compliment means a lot. You are a true and beautiful person from heart who always share her thoughts and perceptions with me, it’s matter. Keep growing more and more my dear friend. Lots of love and blessings to you always ♥️

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  4. You analogy of a snail was brilliant. I grew up in a small farm community with a cleft [palate and speech impediment. And the main feature of a small community is much like a church – complete with gossip and stereotyping. We’ve really got to get away from a suffocating environment before we can grow. Bless you for putting yourself out there.

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    1. Thank you so much for putting your thoughts and experience from which you suffered, I am sorry for that. This environment is everywhere all we need to learn how to handle it. Thank you for your beautiful compliment too dear friend. Lots of love and blessings 🌟🌟


  5. Another brilliant piece of work. I totally agree with what you say about writing on here. I get just as much pleasure as you do. I love reading other pieces and love posting my own. Your story, also, is very poignant, it shows that, although you went the way of other snails, you had the foresight and talent to break free. Keep climbing.

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  6. Thank you for your like on my post: But It’s So Hard. I really enjoy reading your posts as well. I hope you’ve felt comfortable enough to get my book. It’s not perfect, but like all of us, it’s real. The world has no goal but to promote the perfect and cut down the average. I’m afraid I’m just one of the average just like you. But together, I believe we have the power in our hands to succeed in ways we cannot imagine. We can change our world and make it better.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts and compliment. You are a beautiful writer. I enjoyed while reading your blog. Nothing is perfect my dear friend but your efforts present your thoughts wonderfully. Yes absolutely we have power in our hands only to turn our imagination into reality to make our and others world better. God bless you always 🌟🌟


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