While sitting on the terrace in a windy weather we are enjoying our sisters time together after so long. Suddenly my sister shouted “oh dear! look that poor butterfly” whose one side wing was half broken but still she is managing to fly to keep herself safe in this windy weather. Our eyes got stuck over on that butterfly. My sister asked me “how sad it is, her wing is broken but still she is managing. Will she able to save herself in this powerful roaring wind?”

Her eyes filled with tears and she was continuously staring that yellow butterfly. I was quiet. Merciless cloud started pouring water like someone opens the tap in the sky. The condition for that poor butterfly becomes more hard and difficult. Sometime she fell down but a very next moment she somehow manage to lift herself again and again. She is not giving up and trying her best in this fight. We can clearly see that her energy is drowning now, she is lacking, her wings are giving up but her spirit is still strong. After few minutes later she fell down on the ground of terrace in front of us. My sister ran and hold lifeless butterfly in her palm. She got tired, pale but still breathing in this fight against her imperfection and natural calamity. She is still alive because she accepted that her broken wing is her reality, she have to live with it and work over on it to make herself better to fight against any situation rather than giving up or living in any kind of illusion. She accepted that there is no such thing called perfection only reality prevails everywhere. My sister’s warm palm help her to lift her wings again. She gathered all her energy and strength and flying again in the bright sky.

People says practice makes a man perfect. No it doesn’t practice only brings improvement.
Why we all are running behind the perfection, nobody, neither sun, nor moon nothing is perfect, than how can we?
Reality is hard to accept but always holds the power of truth.
I never wanted to be perfect, I always wanted to be real because reality makes me strong and ready to face new upcoming challenges in life like butterfly. Perfection is only a myth.
Start accepting reality your world automatically becomes perfect in true form.


  1. Perfection comes loving the Lord, when we admit we all have brokenness, He lifts us and say you are daughter or son;

    “Is there any pleasure to the Almighty if you are righteous, Or profit if you make your ways perfect? “Is it because of your reverence that He reproves you, That He enters into judgment against you?
    Job 22:3-4 –

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  2. This is one of your most beautiful writings Ritika. It touched me deeply as I am that butterfly with a broken wing today. Thank you and God bless you for living words that come from the One in you Who is perfect.

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    1. Thank you for such a precious compliment Dear Michele. You are a beautiful soul, a cheerful person whom I adore a lot. Your words always fill me with joy and happiness. You are strong and you will always rise again and again like butterfly. God bless you always. Lots of love and more power to you ♥️♥️


    1. Still flying in between the Grasses not so high.🌟🌟This image of butterfly is real my dear. When she started flying again in the bright sky after rain I captured her in my camera.♥️


  3. I have enjoyed reading about the butterfly. More than perfection, this story teaches you to be in the present always! It also tries to teach you to accept challenges & fight till the last breath. Do not give up! This life is full of challenges be a fighter! Do keep writing ❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Another wonderful story about resilience and life lessons learned. There isn’t one among us who at one time or another wanted to quit fighting. Life is hard and no matter how much we try, it will never be perfect. The only answer is to accept our imperfections and work on improving them. I really enjoy how clearly you get that point across in all your stories. Never give up! God bless you.

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    1. Thank you so much Dear Nancy for your always encouraging and supportive compliment. I love, respect and agree with your thoughts which you put up here in a very beautiful way. Thank you for loving my work, your compliment always makes me happy.♥️ God bless you.

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  5. This was a great example of a metaphor.
    Yes in the Lord we always know we are not perfect within ourselves, He will assist us in overcoming certain sins, or imperfections, but truly our perfection, is truly Hidden In Christ Jesus, because He was and is Perfect, a man without sin.
    So he is our one and only Justifier……..Praise the Lord for that!
    That is a great photo! Poor butterfly, but thanks to your sister, she did regain some strength. Lord bless your sister!

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    1. Thank you so much my dear for blessing and encouraging me and my sister with your beautiful thought and compliment. I love this picture of a butterfly. When I clicked her in my camera I never thought I will going to write about her but her courage inspires me a lot. Keep blessing us. God bless you too🌟

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