I was drinking coffee while walking and thinking what to right next over on terrace. I was watching clouds, stars and moon with an expectations and happiness. I was praying ” Dear God make everything alright, the punishment which we deserve for harming nature, we suffered a lot. Show mercy over on humanity, we need your blessings, please lord not more.” Suddenly I saw a falling star in the sky. People who are watching closed there eyes and wished so many things from that falling star with an expectation. I was thinking did anyone ever noticed the pain behind that falling star? We all are wishing for our sake but have we ever noticed that falling star sufferings. While falling still it managed to shine brightly without showing it’s broken wishes and taking our uncomplete wishes with it to get it fulfilled. That star fall for us not for it’s own willingness. That Star fall for our dreams, happiness by sacrificing it’s dream, it’s life.

What I am trying to convey through this is “Sometimes what we see is not reality, sometimes we are not be able to see the pains, sufferings behind a bright smile. Don’t judge too fast. Try to understand both the side of life. Life is a blessing but full of challenges and unexpected surprises like a falling star. Always be patience and calm. Everything happened for a reason.”



  1. Ah my young friend, such beautiful words and I got exactly what you meant. I am looking forward to your next pearl on this beautiful necklace of life💕🌹

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  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, gentle reminder that we are not to judge, or a better word would condemn, lest we too shall be condemned by the Supreme Judge who will then use our standard of measure. (Matt. 7:1-2) Blessings.

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  3. You are such a sensitive and deep thinking person Ritika. Your writing was such a blessing to me. At the time I read your post I was feeling cast down in my spirit (a fallen star) and your compassion put arms around me lifting me up. I believe that everything in the natural is symbolic of a spiritual reality: Stars represent people shining with light (revelation and understanding) and when we are in darkness of understanding, we fall… but thankfully love and revelation can lift us up bringing us back to right standing. Thank you so much for sending out the light of love to the world, little bright star. 🌟❤️Michele

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    1. I am really blessed Michele because I have a beautiful blogger family. You all support me like my own people and encourages me to write my thoughts. Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment. Keep blessing and loving me like that. I agree I am a sensitive writer because sufferings taught me to be very sensitive and at the same time self strong one too. I will always pray that everyone must get what they deserve with God grace. God bless you. Lots of love to you❤️❤️

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