It was raining heavily seems like someone wake up the wrath of Poseiden, “An ancient Greek God of the Sea and of Water, Earthquakes, and horses.” He seems unstoppable, his horses were running, racing like wind. There was no day, no sunrise only darkness is everywhere. Every day looks like night. Earthquake seems like Poseiden is roaring and warning us don’t play with my powers. Don’t play with the lives of water creatures with toxicity. It’s enough humans. It’s time to remind you ,to remind you that you are not only living creatures on this Earth. Unspeakable lives do feel the pains, suffers, fight for life but unfortunately they can’t shout like you, they can’t complain like you. So on there behalf “I am the Poseiden is here to warn you”. If you harm my people, I will definitely come again and again on there behalf to teach you, to make you realize your mistake. For me you are also my children, my love ones. For me all lives are equal and worth. But if you keep harming and destroying any life that can’t be spare and tolerated anymore.

We all are born to love each other. We should try to respect each other’s thought and feelings though it may not match with our perception somehow. Every person has it’s own uniqueness. We can’t change it all we can try to make them understand what is right or wrong. We must respect the value of each lives whether it’s sea creatures, animals or humans. In the eyes of God we all are equal. We are a blessed and beautiful children of him. We must try our best to save each other from spreading toxicity. We must try to protect nature’s life. Don’t through any unwanted garbages in oceans, sea, in any water bodies, around your surroundings. The damages can’t be repay. Nature always love us unconditionally we must do the same for her.

God bless all with love and happiness.


  1. Ritika…Wild, exotic and fanciful creative thinking expressed well about imaginary gods or redeemers and equalizers. Of course I like fantasy too but then there is the reality of the one true God Almighty who is the only power and judge to fear for God created all things for His plan and purpose which is what I tend to be focused on these days more than anything because the obvious reason is in our faces continually with what is happening in world events and nations are rising up against one another not to be all brothers and sisters and hug and love each other as equals that is a far-fetched fantasy that some people for some reason think is possible but it is not. The enemies of humanity and indeed you and I are vast and many who will take the opportunity to conquer and control if given that door to walk through; this is why nations have vast military and weaponry systems to fend off attacks and those attacks are coming not in the conventional sense but in cyber warfare and biological that would make Poseidon scream with fear if he existed. I hope all people as you say could try to have a common ground which would be to see reality and the truth that God is real and is allowing His plan to unfold but we all should be doing our best as individuals to live good lives from conscience and then seeking guidance by God’s Holy Spirit believing in Him to stay on the right path. I hope to see more of your expressive very captivating creative fantasy ideas presented here and perhaps the obvious messages and then the subtle ones will be very good food for thought and help others to take a closer look and seek truth. God bless you. Lawrence

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    1. Thank you so much Lawrence for your powerful compliment. Hope is always alive there in everybody’s heart. I Know it’s not easy for all of us to act same because as I quoted everybody have it’s own way but in our own way we can together take a little step towards change. Your perception is also true and I respect it very much. God bless you.


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