Two years ago, I was going to college by bus for the preparation of an annual function. I was wearing shorts because it was mid-May and really hot. I was sitting and started listing songs by putting earphones and enjoying outside view. I didn’t realize that people inside the bus staring my legs like a hungry vultures. When my stop was nearby I stood up and started moving slowly towards the exit gate of bus. I realized that there is something wrong with me because everyone is staring me. I thought maybe my clothes got torn off, I became very conscious and nervous and started looking my body and clothe from every angle keenly. I found nothing. I didn’t understand why everyone’s eyes full of hunger were glued over on me. Suddenly I heard few words from two women who were talking loudly. They were saying “look at that shameless girl wearing such a short pant. These are the girls who are inviting crimes at their door and when something wrong happened to them, then they are crying and begging for justice and playing the role of fake victims. Their parents forget to teach them how to live in a society. These kinds of girls are characterless who belongs to the cheap family.”

After hearing these words from a women mouth, I became so disturbed and I told driver to stop the bus before my college stop. I ran out from the bus. Eyes were filled with tears, anger, and blood. My veins were tightening. My heart and mind was about to blast. I wanted to shout over on this society who barks without mind and heart. I was crying, these are the tears of anger. I reached college with disturbed mind. My friends asked me about the disturbance but I said nothing. There is a rage of wrath going inside in me. I did nothing in college. I called one of my friends to pick me up from the college. He came and asked what happened, I told him everything. At that point he said nothing. He took me to the Café Coffee day because I love coffee. We had coffee together. He knows that I am really disturbed with those words. Those words were piercing my soul and moving in my mind like a wind.

My friend holds my hand and asked me say what was going inside in me. I was bursted in tears and open my heart that how bad I was feeling. I asked him is it a mistake to wear shorts, is it a mistake to make self-comfortable, is it a mistake to choose what I want to do and what I not? There were thousands questions was bouncing in my mind. I asked him “who is this society to judge my character, my body, my upbringing, my family, my parents on the basis of clothe length? How could they? Such a shameless and brainless words they are barking over on someone’s character without any logic.

My friend said me to calm down. He said you are right, you have rights of yourself but this society will keep on barking, they will try to put you down, to break you at every point of your life. You have two options either learns to use to it or learn to deal with it. It’s your fight; you have to fight it on your own for yourself. “THERE IS A FIRE WITHIN YOU”, burn there words and thinking with it. Don’t hold; speak up as louder as you can. The day when you start speaking, the day society will shut their mouth because THERE IS A FIRE WITHIN YOU my dear. He was right; his words were so powerful which lifted my confidence up to deal with these people from that day.

Message to the society…

You don’t need to tell me what to do,

I got that attitude it’s so new,

Got my own ride, own crib and money in my purse,

My own bread and I know what to choose,

This is how I made my world,

To every woman out there, every little girl,

You are beautiful, wonderful especially powerful,

Live your life to the full,

Because no one can take away your freedom,

Facing the dream, it feeds the soul,

It is your life; you know how to control,

Keep getting strong,

And prove them wrong,

Be the best you can be,

You tried to bring me down but I am still out here standing,

Because there’s a fire within me…


    1. Thank you dear friend Gerry for understanding my disturbance through what I went that time. I am glad you like it and agree with your beautiful thought. Instead of letting someone down just correct them. All I wanted to say through this post.
      God bless you and lots of love 💫🦋🦋

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  1. Dear Ritika, it is unfortunate that most people do not want to be held accountable for their own actions. “Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples while judging ourselves by our best intentions.” George Bush
    A man will look at a woman and blame her for his own lust. In turn, a woman will dress seductively with vanity and blame a man who looks at her the way she intended to catch men’s attention.
    Within any given culture we must be sensitive to the mores of that society. A friend living in Bangladesh told me of a western couple who decided to leave the beach and explore the “native” culture . . . in their bikini and speedo trunks. The police had to be called to rescue these ignorant westerners because the Muslim majority was so incensed they stripped them and beat them and probably would have killed them.
    I did not see your shorts and wish to be careful not to “blame the victim.” The remarks made by people around you were inappropriate. If they women had been concerned for you, one should have come to sit beside you and help you with warnings that your attire was offensive to the culture, perhaps even to offer a scarf or the drape of her own dress to protect you.
    In turn, you must evaluate yourself. Were you dressing to show off your beautiful legs? Or were you genuinely ignorant of how your attire would be perceived by men in your society?
    Again, each of us must hold ourselves to account for our choices. Men, for the choice to look at any woman, even a naked one, and treat her as less than a person. There is NEVER an excuse for a man lusting or attacking a woman!!! NEVER.
    Women must recognize men’s weaknesses and not dress provocatively . . . not that you were; as noted, I did not see you.
    I am sorry that you underwent such trauma, but am glad that you had a friend on which to lean.
    Be safe and always walk with honor that you are a child of God.
    yours truly,

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    1. Thank you so much dear for understanding my disturbances. I just want to write through what I went. It was heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing your friends part of suffering here so that we will become more clear about the societal norms.
      Yes I was lucky to have such a genuine friend at that time who told me how to deal with it. We all have rights to choose. I agree that sometimes we choose wrong path but instead of taunting society need to correct us. I hope someday society will change in this aspect. I am overwhelmed with your beautiful words and warmth consolation.
      God bless you and lots of love to you 🦋🦋💫

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  2. Sorry you had to experience such nonsense. It is just the story that those women are perpetuating that makes things worse for women. Men tell each other that how a woman dresses can affect their self-control, and the worst of them believe that and act on it. People perpetuate it in all manner of ways including the far too common question after violence is committed “Yes, but what was she wearing?”

    Male behaviour can be really terrible but men aren’t that way from birth, it’s how they are taught by those around them. It is horrible what some men do, but a close second is the behaviour of men and women who excuse that sort of behaviour by saying that that’s just the way men are and the way to stop it is for women to dress (talk, act, etc) differently. Until men call each other on perpetuating those ideas, and the idea that “boys will be boys” is no longer shared as truth, we’ll be fighting that battle.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Todd for sharing your true words. I totally agree that no one is bad or wrong since his birth, it’s the surrounding which is responsible for that and because of few the whole community is suffering.
      Thank you for understanding me, my blog and my pain and writing to me. Your thought means a lot. God bless you dear. lots of love and blessings from my side too.

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  3. For some reason there are a lot of posts this morning dealing with subjects similar to this. I woke up this morning feeling lost and confused, unhappy and troubled. There’s a melancholy stifling the world. We have had enough yet we don’t know what to do or how to deal with these situations that are out of our control. We feel helpless and hopeless. Our bodies ache and our minds are numb. Thank you for reminding me to look to the light.

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    1. I absolutely agree with your thought dear Nancy. This type of situation is becoming more common day by day. But what about that person who is suffering from these kind of blunt and harsh abuses. We have to raise our voices and fight for ourselves. Thank you so much for always being there to support me and to understand me. I am blessed that you are a part of my life. God bless you, lots of love too.

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      1. Absolutely! No one should be subjected to such abuse. It’s sickening, a disgrace! I, too, am blessed to have a friend like you in my life. Blessings on you and much love always.

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  4. Straight from the heart and much needed post. This world needs more courageous souls like you. It boils down to one simple fact – Ritika. You do your things bravely without getting affected by what others are thinking or saying. And they are doing it because they have petty minds and narrow thoughts. Next time, God forbid, if anything like this is said to any woman I would expect her to give it back to them, that too with greater force. So that they get the message directly, loud and clear. Keep writing.

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    1. Thank you so much Mr. Maverick for understanding my emotions and being supportive. You are absolutely right. I agree with your thought. Keep showering your blessings and guidance, it means a lot.
      God bless you 🦋💫✨

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    1. Hello my dear Michele….I am really glad and happy that my wordpress family keep on checking me. I am blessed and greatful for your kind words and love.
      Due to very serious condition because of pandemic in our country…we all are suffering a lot. We are still in grief for our loss and dealing with it.
      I miss writing, my normal life, specially myself. Dealing with anxiety and depression these days but recovering too .
      I will try my best to be back soon.
      I miss you all a lot.
      May god always bless you my dearest loving friend.
      I ll definitely be back soon with more energy and strong spirit very soon.
      Lots of love to you.
      Stay safe and healthy ❤️❤️


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