A girl who committed 5 sin…Sabrena

Sinner or winner

Her sins….

  • Infatuation
  • Attraction
  • Unrequited Love
  • Possessiveness
  • Lust

Well they are the 5 sin committed by Sabrena. But are they actually a sin? Let’s find out what this story holds.

Sabrena was a beautiful combination of beauty with brain. Her sharp, pointy eyes draws magnificent attention of others towards her. Her seductive smile lured every guys heart. Her long hair compelled every Bucko’s mind towards it’s shine. She was unique. She was the youngest among three siblings, three sisters. They all were extremely beautiful seems like Aphrodite gave special time and attention while creating them specially Sabrena. Since childhood Sabrena was the most loved and privileged one because she was the youngest. Her every demands was fulfilled within a second. This made her stubborn, aggressive, rebellious but she knows how to control it perfectly when it comes to her family but for outsiders she played a role of fire the aries , Athena the goddess of war when someone trying to poke her continuously. Every guy around her was dying to be with her, to propose her but scared of her too because she punched really hard over on face. She didn’t scared of anyone or anything. She was bold maybe like Helen who betrayed her husband Menelaus and ran away with her love Paris without caring about the outcomes.

Her school girls always burned in jealousy because of her perfection. They cursed themselves that why Aphrodite didn’t pay much attention while creating them. Sometime perfection, beauty becomes fatal. And this what exactly happened with Sabrena.

When Sabrena was hardest hit by puberty at the age of 13, her body language started changing. There is some strange feelings started growing vigorously inside in her body. She started discovering the law of attraction towards opposite sex. She tried to controlled them but at last she failed.

The first sin which she committed at the age of 15 was Infatuation, yes sounds strange that how infatuation can be a sin but it was in the eyes of society. She fell for a guy who was much older than her but sadly it was an infatuation. She broke all the barriers, societal norms, went against towards her family. She did all what she can never imagined to do just for him. She robbed her own parents and gave all the cash and few jewelleries to that infatuation. He used her a lot for his pleasure because he knows that she scared of nothing and loved him blindly. Her family learned about it from the neighbors because both parents were working and both sisters left home for higher education. Sabrena was left alone with her parents. This infatuation turned her into a criminal. She suffered a lot because of this infatuation, her own family berates her, socity was addressing her as a characterless girl. She broke when that infatuation left her for another prey. Her sisters holded her and protected her by keeping her with them. She suffered through hallucination, depression, she tried to attempt suicide for that infatuation but her family was there for her to hold her during her sufferings. At last she recovered, it took time but she became fine and started living a healthy life. For society she committed a sin, a crime, she was a criminal. Really ? Then who is a victim that infatuation, that guy who robbed her feelings, love and trust?

The second sin so called in societies eyes she committed was Attraction. After all those sufferings she was introduced by her elder sister to her friend. He was handsome, young gentleman, who fell for Sabrena on the very first sight. He was a genuine guy. Sabrena lacked love in her heart. But this guy was always there for her in her tough and happy times. Sabrena’s heart was again started blossoming with love. She started liking him and finally they announced that they were in an official relationship. Sabrena’s family and sisters was really happy that finally she found a perfect and genuine guy. There love started growing more stronger every passing day and lasted for seven years. When Sabrena asked him about getting married after seven years. That guy got puzzled. He had no answer and tried to avoid the question. Sabrena understood that all those seven years she was just an attraction for him and nothing else. She broke once again, she got robbed once again by the glimpse of love, she was cursing her fate. Once again she failed but this time with the hands of an attraction and again she became a culprit. So this was a second sin committed by her in the people’s eyes. Do you really think that it was a sin? Who is the victim again, that attraction who failed to fulfilled his promises ?

Third sin was committed by her was Unrequited love. Yeah what to say maybe her luck was testing her really hard. After an year she met a guy in a family function. He was planning to leave to Australia for job. He noticed Sabrena in the party with an enormous eyes. She was standing in the corner with a glass of wine, quite, alone and lost. He went towards her and found her full of laden. Before he start conversation with her one of his friend interrupted and started talking to Sabrena. He got really angry, his face was turned red but he controlled. All youths in the party planned to play stare, dare and truth game. Sabrena and her sisters joined the game too. Someone rotates the bottle and it stopped to that person who was talking to Sabrena in the party. He choosed dare. Sabrena’s cousin gave him a dare to propose Sabrena. Everyone was waiting like a hungry lion to see the proposal but that unrequited love was burning in jealousy. Finally that guy came to Sabrena and proposed her in a very romantic way. Sabrena was feeling a bit uncomfortable and said nothing. Few days later the unrequited love flies to Australia. Sabrena was busy in her college life. One day she got a call from Australia. The calling no. was inappropriate. Firstly she hesitated to pick the call but than she picked. Someone said hello, how are you from the other side. Sabrena asked who is that. The other person described himself and Sabrena got that who is he. She asked from where he got her no. he said I always had your number. Sabrena found it uneasy and cut the call. She received a text, a request to talk for once and bingo once again phone rang. She took a deep breath and picked the call. He expressed his love towards her and proposed her over on phone. Sabrena didn’t took it for concern and replied we can be a friend that’s it. And now they are good friends. They started talking everyday, sending endless text to each other and slowly, slowly Sabrena started getting attached to him. He gave too much efforts so that Sabrena must accept his proposal and yes once again Sabrena choosed darkness. She said yes. She started loving him , there relationship was a long distance one but still they maintained it for 2 years while entering in the 3rd year of their relationship Sabrena found it was nothing but an unrequited love. She found him cheating because of his mismatching of text. Sabrena broke off with him. He tooked it lightly. She was now enough strong to move alone due to these experiences. That unrequited love realized late that he was in love with Sabrena but now she refused to be with him. He called her sometime and repenting for his mistake but Sabrena moved on, she stopped replying to him. For so called society she again committed a sin by trusting someone whom she barely knows. Seriously?

Oh god please pour some mercy over on this poor girl. The fourth sin was really beautiful called possessiveness. Sabrena was so devastated, she started living with her sisters so that she must not over think and enjoy her life. She started travelling with her second sister who was a traveler for the change of environment and she was loving it. Sabrena joined office as an intern after her graduation. Going office became her daily routine now. She found stability of mind after so long but every good thing didn’t last long . So here her luck, her destiny again tested her patience. Many office colleagues offered there love which was overpowered by lust to her. She refused them all because she knows it’s nothing but a lust. One day she visited on second floor to collect some papers from another department. That department head was her good friend. She collected the paper work and returned back to her desk on third floor. There was a guy on second floor was best known for his straightforwardness. Many girls tried to lured him, he was so stubborn that he refused them like a shit, but he was awestruck by sabrena’s beauty. His heart captured sabrena’s glimpses in his heart and mind when she came for papers on second floor. The friend, department head noticed him because he was in her team and found it bit shocking. She asked bluntly to that poor fellow, do you like her? He blushed and said nothing. Next day Sabrena’s friend told her about the guy and convinced her to talk to him once. Sabrena somehow agreed and talked to him, she found him comfortable though he was continously blushing. Sabrena and this guy became office friend. They started eating together, taking breaks together. Sometime he went to drop her to her place. They became very friendly in a short span of time. He used to take care of her a lot like his princess. He started bringing lunch, snacks and tea for her. Sabrena was becoming fond of him. They started enjoying there time together. He started joining her in all the trips planned by her sister. Together they were creating a beautiful memories. People around them were frying in jealousy. But they both cared nothing. They are not in any relationship but they are not friend anymore too. After few months Sabrena quit job and focused on her higher studies. While he continued his job and taking care of her too. Days were passing beautifully but slowly slowly that guy started becoming possessive. In the starting Sabrena liked it but now it turned into intensed one, they started arguing every single day over on silly issues. He wants her not to talk any guy not even her friends. He started checking her phone, tracking her locations. Sabrena became so disturbed. One day he crossed all the limits when he reached to her sisters apartment in the morning around 2 a.m. to check over on Sabrena because he thought that Sabrena went for a late night party with any guy. Sabrena bursted into an anger and asked him to leave immediately. Her sisters asked her about this. She told everything. Her second sister advised her to leave him otherwise one day his this behavior will become fatal for her. So this was Sabrena’s fourth sin. She Left him because of over possessiveness. I mean she don’t have rights to live freely. Choosing to live freely is really a sin? Society, society what to say about it.

Sabrena she always maintained her hope for the right one and learned to never gave upon life no matter how difficult life was treating her. Her fifth sin was that she got trapped into a lust puzzle. I feel really bad for her now. How someone can be so positive and strong after suffering emotionally and mentally this much? This lust trapped her spiritually whom she met online. She was always hardly hit by love game and failure of relationships that she is scared of being Loved or to fall in love anymore. She already knows that it was a lust trap and she intensionally choosed to live darker side of love for now. I feel sorry, sad for all her sufferings which changed her perception towards love. I just wanted her to be happy. Choosing lust over love was again a sin in the society which itself full of endless lust, attraction, infatuation, unrequited love, possessiveness.

What do you think, that Sabrena really committed sins? All those five failed relationship whom society is addressing as a sin. Failure in relationships is called as sin? What was her mistake? In every relationship she was a victim, she was a one who was used, betrayed, suffered emotionally and mentally by the hands of all five guys. Still society is addressing her as a culprit. I mean why they are not thinking about those guys, why they are not questioning about them who broke her trust, her heart by there fake actions, emotions, love and commitments. Who played with her trust. Are they not a real culprit? Why so called society is trying to pressurized over on Sabrena who only suffered and received nothing. Why society is addressing her as a sinner? It’s all because society is still giving priority to the patriarchal environment? In my eyes Sabrena was a fighter, a brave girl, a girl who can roar, no matter how many scars she received over on her soul in the shadow of failed love. I respect her. God has tested her a lot, her sufferings is about to end and I am praying for the beautiful future for her. She is not a sinner for me she is a winner. It’s my personal perception. Everybody have there own way of thinking and I totally respect it but just think about Sabrena.


  1. The thing about sin is everybody has got them. Those who point fingers claim, implicitly they don’t have them. I mourn for the hurt that people go through trying to find what you look for. Real. Thank you for your bravery. Chris.

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  2. Hi Ritika, a very lovely blog but this story really got me thinking and I want to share, I’m sorry a very “long” response; which my hope is will expand the true perspective on a couple of things for all.
    There are lines we must not cross regardless of personal perspective or even upbringing, because God will judge all human beings by what is truly in their own heart! What fills that heart is the sum total of all one’s life experiences, but, the great equalizer is “Conscience” and every person has one excluding the exception of a sociopath or pure evil which does exist. One must learn through life to choose carefully what actions or behaviors they display or elicit from others for that can become a pathway to temptation and sin which are the ruin of humankind from the original fall from grace when Adam and Eve transgressed God, who is God, the Omnipotent always right in all matters, no exceptions. So, that is who we should attune our hearts to nothing else, not worldly fashion or promise nor the allures of fame and fortune nothing will bring everlasting peace and happiness to any soul unless it is through God Almighty the Creator of the universe and we broke humans. It starts with humility and people today lack it sorely putting themselves and some others up on high pedestals, which is complete folly and some stay on that path thinking they are god-like which is what pagan ancient civilizations produced in Greece, the Roman Empire or Mayan among many other empires, which even went as far as human sacrifice in their evil behavior. So yes, there is benevolence and there is actual evil in the universe and mankind is plagued with the dilemma of this dichotomy, the choice is up to each person, but, all have the opportunity I believe to turn things around before they are doomed! The pure example of this is when God came as one of us to say this will be the only way to redeem the fallen sinners, if I God suffer their punishments and transgressions out of my eternal love, but, all they have to do is appreciate and accept this gift from God showing in their heart of hearts by faith in Him, that they believe in Him and will do His will not their own; which even while God Jesus was dying for all our sins on a cross an illustration of this forgiveness was made.
    When Jesus was on the cross, there were two criminals beside Him. One of the criminals hurled insults at Jesus. But the other one said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus answered him, “Verily I say unto thee today, thou shalt be with me in paradise.” Luke 23:43 That criminal did a lot of bad things in his life. But, God showed him right then that there is hope and Jesus is it, the Savior who will judge and forgive those who humble themselves and have faith in Him.
    Does the bible give the names of the two thieves on the cross next to Jesus? According to Nicodemus, their names are Dismas and Gestas. Gestas made fun of Jesus, while Dismas rebuked Gestas.
    What this tells us is we are the instrument of our own destruction or salvation “though Jesus Christ“ by making the simple decision to turn to Jesus and ask for forgiveness or reject Him and be banished for eternity!


    1. I totally respect your feelings and your efforts to convey me such a beautiful message. I am really sorry if I hurt you. It just I wrote what I felt at that time. I respect every body’s opinion, thoughts and your message is too precious. Thank you for sharing all these information. I simply wrote a story please don’t take it wrong. Next time I will take care of every points. And please don’t be sorry for anything, I am still a learner. Keep supporting and helping me like this. With God grace I ll write more beautifully in coming future. Thank you so much. God will always bless you.🙂

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      1. Hi Ritika! I just found this message in my notices and had just left you another long one. No this is all good as I see it you did a fabulous job and you didn’t hurt me but you got me to think hard about what your words on the page were saying and to also read between the lines and not hurry things but to try to really wrap my head around all of this with you and any of your followers! This is quite remarkable and good and I needed this to divert me as I’ve been in a bit of a bad way myself getting caught up in some pain and then actually my own vanity and confusion! I’m far from perfect but I do try to do better moving forward and I don’t want to be making excuses for myself at all. To stand tall against the fury of the wind that wants to topple us over but i can’t do it alone and God is the only means of succeeding though many times he will work through other people to direct us so we need to be ever vigilant to heed his voice and not our own, strong faith my Dad would always say when i was a young fella. Please don’t feel any unhappiness about any of this it was fantastic and keep up the great work. Stories can be a lot of fiction or all of that they are creative and I tend to deal with reality that is bothering me the ways of the world the politics and social troubles with people losing it and making matters much worse but that too is being directed by the evil that really is out there looking to ruin not just Sabrena, but this whole plan of God’s! I’m sure we will other encouraging messages and writings in the future so take care and God bless. 🙂


      2. Thank you so much Lawrence for understanding me. Yes I agree we all suffered, sometimes it’s betrayal, maybe sometimes it’s breaking of trust. I too suffered and it took a long time to cope up with the reality and situation at that time to come out. After 5 years finally I managed to fix all the broken pieces of my soul because I wanted to live, I wanted to love, I wanted to chase my dreams, my hunger towards life to discover more and more that how beautiful and sacred this life is. God and my family was always there with me during this time. I just discovered the truth that I have to live for my happiness, my family happiness. So I started writing and travelling to start a fresh. And yes I overcome totally. Now currently I am living a life of Mountaineer and writer. I never thought that one day I ll choose this way to live but I am grateful to my inner voice. I listened it and work upon it. Don’t worry Lawrence tough time never last, it just the more we think the more we get trapped in broken feelings and silence world. I believe in you. May God always provide strength to you, the strength of love, the power of words, the strength of hope and positivity.
        You are always welcome to share any feelings and thoughts of yours to me. You are always welcome to correct me. I am happy don’t worry. Take care of yourself. I am here to listen you🙂🙂 remember God is a giver and he is a healer too. God bless you always.

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      3. Hi Ritika…you are also welcome in the same regards, and, as I said you stimulated a corner of my mind and something in my soul lit up, so I ran with this and actually was just writing a massively long comment to another lady I’ve known in my blogging here for quite a while who is a PhD and married with grandchildren, but, when she read this article you stimulated from me today, she liked it very much and was saying she doesn’t know any of the background of the women I mention, as I wouldn’t reprint any of your piece without a conversation and approval, but, she said a woman’s beauty is neither a sin or a curse but a blessing, she did go on to say that if a woman is mistreated there are usually complex reasons like low self-esteem. I went into a long dissertation in my reply to her, but, mostly got off on the tangent of talking about me and the journey I’ve been on since some nefarious persons in a wicked political climate that came into my home space I didn’t go looking for it I had to fight like your character in a way and then I only survived because God actually intervened extensively to save me from these brutes and tyrants; so there was a correlation and good reason for all of this writing today and I think it dovetailed! I had to take the system on with a law case when I was seriously injured by industrial chemicals in a staged event, in the state court system on my own, so, I became a lawyer overnight while physically very ill and not feeling up to it at all, but, I said God help me and in the name of Jesus He did, bit by bit I got through it when lawyers wouldn’t even touch this crap! Bad people abound in this present world and when I grew up, as a boy I remember the way it was before this big switcheroo too place and the world got mean and ugly like never before and it’s getting worse! Your story helped to get me away as I said, from being so burned out with the wicked that I try to make some difference with, but, then I wanted to do that in your smaller space and that might be the way to go, like Saint Mother Teresa would say “One Day At a Time” so too maybe “One Person At a Time” is a better approach to accomplish the good that God wants us to while we are flesh beings here in this fallen state. It’s getting quite late here was up before sunrise, so I’m tired and I wrote nearly a volume to the other blogger friend, it took some time, and now I should get ready to sleep; will be up at the crack of dawn. But, I’ll have more to say later about this I’m sure! Better to sleep and dream on things sometimes too! You feel free to say whatever you wish or ask me something, I’m here for a genuine person like you, to relate to each other, when it seems an impossibility; because most people in this world today are hard to trust and to really get an honest glimpse of who they are, which goes with the territory of an out of control world, or one where the people are at each other’s throats more than ever; everywhere it appears! You take good care and let’s touch base more soon! Mountaineering is really amazing, I had a chemist friend some years ago around the time of my industrial injury that did that with his wife, on some of the highest peaks in the West Coast ranges here in the US. I don’t do that, but, I like my long hikes with my dog. For me some trials into the mountains, that is a fun adventure.
        God bless you too and it’s been very interesting and helpful. 🙂🙂


      4. You are a beautiful person Lawrence. I am blessed that I came across with your words and story. You are very strong. I Know this world is too harsh but we can’t be like them. All we need to live our life the way we always wanted and having trust over on God that everything happened for a reason. He is almighty and always with us everywhere. Feel free to share anything with me. Yes I will do the same. I am glad and grateful that you told me so many things. Yeah mountaineer is an interesting thing. It gives you peace when you spend your days and nights in mother nature’s lap under an open sky full of stars and hopes. I go for trekking frequently. But due to Covid-19 I didn’t went out from last 4 months but still I am counting days that everything becomes fine and well, so that we can enjoy freely like we used too. Hope for best…stay blessed and happy 🙂


  3. Hi again Ritika! Yes it’s me the long commentator, so sorry! Your “Story” here so moved me that an article that I’ve worked on for a few days on and off which is so important to me because of some painful things that happened to me, which I think God would like me to articulate to do some good; that I was planning to compose it today for publication but was completely sidetracked and I didn’t do a thing with it because I was so compelled to follow this inspiration you created in me with your “Story!”
    I have the completed piece now to leave the link here for you and your followers which I truly hope will be helpful to you first of all, and to anyone who cares. I want to add that I truly appreciate women and see the difficult dynamics of being one, so my heart is with them especially those who suffer with these trials or difficulties, because, I too don’t want them to suffer at all if possible and I hope the best for them all, but, of course that is all up to God and them as individual unique creations of our Creator, and they are beautiful; but, it should all be respected and as these Scriptures indicate here be taken with a grain of salt; as we know physical beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and only skin deep, what’s on the inside is really what matters, and all of this is quite fleeting, so, I hope we all seek what will last forever which is what we will find through God. Thank you for this great inspiring piece you wrote! This is all part of our learning curve and journey to our heavenly Father, I add, that you have done well to bring these ideas and purpose to the fore! God bless you and yours.


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