My Journey As A Drummer Rits…

la musique est amour et paix

Yes music is love and peace for me. When I was a teenager, whenever I listened any song , I always tried my best to pay attention over on beats, rhythms, scales rather then enjoying it. Drum beat notes were always dragged my mind towards it in every song. But personally I like unplugged versions the most. I was always humming my favorite songs while taking shower quite oftenly, yeah you can address me as a bathroom singer too.

My childhood was full of miseries, sufferings, it was not easy but I always found a way to overcome it with the help of music. And from there I developed a very special place for Music in my heart. For me it was a therapy to my disturbed mind, satisfaction to my empty heart .In my loneliness music played a role of my best friends, during depression it played a role of motivation. Yes music took away my all turbulent and always filled me with happiness, power to roar, joy and hope to be positive whenever I felt myself the most negative one. Music is a kind of meditation too. Whenever I listen classical music it automatically takes away all perplexed thoughts which was growing louder in my mind. Music is full of Aroma. When I left home for higher education, my mind turned towards other artistic fields like journalism. I joined journalism classes with my regular college classes. I started taking journalism classes on weekends. But whenever classes over immediately I put earphones into my ears and tried to listen newly launched songs very accurately so that I can catched the beats easily. Sometimes when I was too tired I listen unplugged or classical musics for the relaxation of mind. In the last year of college my father suggested me to join some instrument learning classes like guitar. He too love music and he love playing Harmonium one of the most popular Indian musical instrument. I was filled with joy because this is exactly what I was missing too much in my life and I forgot to pay attention towards it. I immediately searched on internet for guitar classes nearby my apartment and luckily I came across one of the best institute called PASSION.

Next day I visited to the institute and asked about the guitar classes. The main head Mr. Ahuja was the most humble person whom I came acrossed in my life . By profession he was a Chartered Accountant but his love for music was so deep that he opened his own music institute where he himself teached every musical instruments. I was so amazed with this man. One of my friend gifted me a guitar on my 18th birthday and told me, “you love music so much, I always found you lost in the rhythms and beats you must learn guitar ,it will definitely going to filled you with more happiness.” Finally I took admission in PASSION institute to live my passion. I joined weekend classes because of college. It was my last year and I don’t want any kind of distraction during college time.

On the very first day when I went for the guitar class, I was little nervous, continuously thinking about maybe other students will going to make fun of me, maybe they will going to laugh if I am not be able to play properly but I was wrong, they all helped me so much in learning and reading notes. I reached 10 minutes before. Drum classes were going on. I was sitting in the waiting hall. Suddenly I heard the drum beats, someone was playing metallic beats really hard. I closed my eyes and trying to count each and every bass hit, snare beat, Tom 1 and Tom 2 timings, I was totally lost in the beats and enjoying it. Receptionist shook me up and I opened my eyes. She told me your class is going to start, go inside. I went inside like a poor child with my guitar. I sat in the corner. Sir came, he called me to the front seat and introduced me to every one. Everyone was playing there best notes, I was listening, trying to grab the notes by running my fingers over on guitar but I was not happy from inside, I was lacking passion towards guitar. I tried a lot but I failed. My two classes got waste because of my puzzling mind. Sir noticed that. He called me to his chamber next weekend and asked me that “am I sure I wanted to learn guitar?.” I shook my head and said maybe not. He suggested me to go for drums, yes and there I hit the jackpot. Things about learning which instrument was cleared now. Yes I wanted to learn drum truly, deeply, madly.

From next day I joined drum classes. I found most of the boys in hippie getup, few were totally lost in jamming, few was carrying the style of 80s pop singer that was interesting and amazing. I look so simple in between them like a clown but trust me these people were my saviours while learning and performing. I still love them too much. Yes finally my first day as a drummer, I was the youngest one 18 years old and the only girl, so dude I always get lots of attentions too.

I still get Goosebumps whenever I remember the very first touch of drumset. I was feeling like I found everything and this is a real life, let’s live it. Sir gifted me drumsticks and taught me few hand excercise with drumsticks so that my fingers and movement of hands become more flexible while playing drums. For the first time I holded drumsticks, I felt like I was holding a Harry Potter’s wand. I learned excercises quickly and now I sat on the grand seat of drumset. I put my one hand holding drum sticks on snare and one on high hats, right foot on Bass. I started playing the first beat while playing it the jammed veins were started running with the flow of blood in my body, heartbeats were trying there best to compete with beats, my hands with drumsticks was so deeply lost in playing like they never wanted to stop.” Everybody applauded and some was whistling. My first attempt was appreciated by everyone. My self confidence became more stronger now, yes I can do it. I found a new heights, a new strength growing unstoppably inside in me. Now whenever I got tired of studying I took my drumsticks and went to the institute and played drumset quitely for an hour to get relaxed. Institute was nearby my apartment and during afternoon no classes was going on ,that was good for me. I was growing as a drummer now. I started learning metallic notes and jamming with my friends. I was just loving it. After exams I started participating in many competitions. My sir recommended me for many live concerts. I played with many bands as a drummer. I performed in many live concerts with great singers. Sir recommended my name for the drumming exams of “Trinity college of London“. I practiced day and night to clear the exam and to take the scholarship. Examiners came I was really nervous, my friends performed well, when my turn came my hands started shaking. They noticed and told me to relaxed. I took a deep breath and answered every question. I played the notes which was written on the board. After a week we got results, I cleared exams with A grade and got the scholarship too. I was happy with a satisfaction that finally I did it.

I can never forget that day ,it’s still fresh in my mind. From that day people started addressing me as a drummer Rits. I got uncountable offers to play with so many band not only in India but out of country also. I accepted few offers and lived my life fullest as a Lady drummer. Presently, from last year I didn’t touched my drumsticks because I don’t have place in my little apartment to keep my drumset. So whenever I attend any known concerts or whenever I visit to my friend’s musical cafe where all instruments were kept, I directly run towards drumset, I still lost while playing it, people were enjoying and demanding for more everytime. I am proud to be a drummer. My beautiful journey of my passion for drums started like a miracle. I play less now but it is still alive in me, in my heart. Art and love for it never dies. Music is still playing a very vital role in my life specially as a therapy and peace to my mind.


  1. That’s a lovely journey! Not many have the courage to discover their passion and pursue it so wholeheartedly. It was really nice to know about this incredible journey of yours. Keep it up with your passion! 😁

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